LED LAMP - 5 LED (4+1)- ATTACK E10


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Lamp composed of 5 LEDs, 4 LEDs model T3 distributed on the sides and 1 central model Super Flux , type of the lamp E10. This lamp has been designed and built to be able to achieve the same effect of the incandescent lamp installed in cabochon. °.
The attack of this lamp is that commonly used in you communicate him or trucks.
Perfectly interchangeable with the common incandescence lamps, in comparison to these it boasts a notably inferior consumption (around 80% in less than consumption), a notable duration (the middle life of a LED is of about 30.000 hours), they don't heat and they have a great resistance to the bumps and the vibrations.
For the sector of the Amusement park has on purpose been realized a lamp with attack E10 funzionante to 60V, which it is perfectly interchangeable to the common incandescence lamps used in the Cabochons.
Diameter: mm
Height: mm

Available Tensions: 12V - 24V 48V - 60V
Model of the lamp: E10
Lanterns, Bicycles, Radio, Indicative, Games, Blinkers

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