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The EVO bands are made from FDA compliant material that is both recyclable and enviroment friendly.
This system, already largely used to the foreign countries, it allows to visually manage the control of the people that access to bathing establishments, aquatic parks, sporting events, amusemnet parks, hotel and tourist villages, campings.
he vast range of available colors and an ample assortment of sketches, do the ideal object to be used as ticket of admission, system of identification, control of the age, management of the groups or simply as it forms advertising.
In fact with the possibility to personalize them with name or logo of the company, or a sponsor name, made of the Wristbands a direct and economic advertising form.

You can find the full catalogue and more info on www.braccialetti-identificativi.it.
Colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, White (Colours may change without notice)
Size:1/2" X 2 1/2"
Embossing: On the front

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