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Devices playing sounds that can play up to 16 audio files (messages) different. The audio files are stored on a Memory Card SD Card, the maximum length of the file thus depends on the size of the memory card used. Following the instructions, anyone with a personal computer and is able to edit audio files, it is possible to change existing audio files. Recall on 1st Message with Ability to enable and disable the recall message The electronic circuit is working both 12V and 24V ac / dc, it can be made with operating 30 ~ 130VDC or 230VAC. Various possibilities of operation such as Direct, Impulse, Carousel Model (as powered on plays all files in random order until it is powered down) and other possibilities still. The circuit is also equipped with 2 outputs lights from 50Watt each, flashing (the flashing speed varies depending on whether the device is in stand-by or the sound is playing.

High fidelity sound device operating at 230V ac / dc With 16 buttons on external box. Also available in voltage from 12~24VAC/DC. Input for power, and output jack for external loud speakers (not included). - Fixed inside a box Gewiss (GW44207). With 2 Channels for Flashing Lights, 50W each. Recall on 1st Message with Ability to enable and disable the recall message.

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