We have changed the design.....

<p><span>Exhibitor with 7-Segments LED</span></p>

Electronic Standard Shaped Exhibitor with 7-Segments LED, Printed in FULL COLOR - Measures 30 * 45 (h) - Headings and written information in five different languages - Operating voltage 5Vdc (with transformer 230Vac) - Customizable prices Prices: Price 1 and 2 Subscriptions - Boxes Information: 1 Incisa- The characteristic of this article It lies in the fact that you have all the boxes of the prices and the corresponding number of tickets made with 7-segment LED adjustable from the back of the panel allowing you to customize the price depending on the job location. Appealing and attractive with RGB LED automatic game placed on the perimeter of the panel itself.

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Guarda un video del Nostro Nuovo Display a 7 Segmenti!!!!!

We have changed the design.....01/05/2017
We have changed the design.....

Exhibitor with 7-Segments LED

Sounds Systems12/12/2016
Sounds Systems

All of our acoustic systems for your needs.

The new Square Ticket is here !!!03/11/2016
The new Square Ticket is here !!!

Finally the new square plastic ticket is available !!!

New Panel Prices - Printed in Full Color07/07/2014
New Panel Prices - Printed in Full Color

New Panel Prices, Printed in Full Color!!

Digital RGB LED01/05/2014
Digital RGB LED

Multi-colored LED governed by an electronic control unit

New Complete Flat Cabochon01/01/2014
New Complete Flat Cabochon

Our new Cabochon, realized with integrated circuit within the plastic.